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Private Investigator Services for Attorneys

We understand your needs in the legal profession and take the responsibility of representing you very seriously and always handle your client’s case professionally, ethically and tenaciously. Some of the needs that we handle are:

Locating Witnesses:  You already have a large variety of internet based search tools and paid information services available to try and find someone yourself. Unfortunately, even these tools have their limitations and finding a witness may not be the most effective use of your time. At TECLA Investigations, we have the tools, knowledge, professional training and a large database that allows us to find witnesses quickly and affordably.

Interviewing & Statement Taking: When you need someone located, often times we find them in a new place, new town or even in a new state. What they know may help, but it also may not. At TECLA Investigations our investigators who take statements have been professionally trained to work with witnesses to determine what they know and to document it in a way that you can work with.

Asset Searches: Successfully obtaining a judgment for your client is wonderful. Knowing that there are assets available to collect on that judgment is not guaranteed. That’s where we come in. Either pre or post judgment, we assist attorneys and their clients in determining if their opposition has assets to collect upon, if they are already encumbered or where they are trying to hide them.

Background Checks: Having all the facts can make or break your pleadings, deposition or even your case. Our private investigators will dig deep to find out a person’s real background. When you need the truth, TECLA Investigations can find it.

Surveillance: Nothing does a better job of demonstrating the truth than video. When your case involves an individual engaged in some behavior they deny doing or are prohibited from doing, we get it on film or other digital media for you. From insurance fraud to violations of non-compete agreements, we can cover it. 

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