TECLA Investigations, LLC

Texas Investigative services #A18907

Telephone: (915) 245-3640 / (915) 247-9937/ (830) 719-3597 Email: SIU@teclainvestigations.com


TECLA Investigations provides private investigative services for legal, insurance, corporate communities, and private individuals throughout the state of Texas. We are a private investigative agency with nationwide and worldwide capabilities. Our services include national background checks, high-tech surveillance, asset searches, insurance fraud, and private investigation for all types of clientele. We have the investigative ability and experience to resolve your most demanding assignments, using state of the art technology combined with professional investigators to provide you with positive results. TECLA Investigations is licensed and fully insured, able to handle the needs of insurance companies, claim agencies, and legal firms, along with private searches for individuals looking for discreet investigations.

About the Owner

Don Arnold is a licensed Texas Private Investigator with 25 years of Federal, and local law enforcement experience working on cases at the federal, state, and local level. During that time, Don Arnold has investigated volumes of criminal cases which resulted in felony convictions. There is no investigative assignment too small, too large, or too complex that TECLA Investigations cannot handle, within the State of Texas. Our vast amount of investigative resources and years of experience allow us to exceed your expectations in a timely and professional manner. 


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